Fences By Steve Panek

Since 1982, Fences by Steve Panek has been building its own part of history in Foxboro and the surrounding communities.  Our small family-run business, built on referrals, shares many of the same values our forefathers held in the highest regard.  Our goal is to supply high-quality, well-constructed, durable fences and associated products at a reasonable cost.  Relying on qualified craftsmen and experienced staff, we will continue to exceed customer expectations.

Fences have been a part of New England history since the earliest settlers.  The same reasons colonists built fences still hold true today.  The common people’s desire to protect their property and enhance their privacy has always been a priority and will continue to be so.
Like many other things, fences have changed since colonial days to include high-tech materials and construction methods.  Fences by Steve Panek, has the right style and materials to fit any need.

If a fence project is in your future, call Fences by Steve Panek for an expert consultation and a free estimate.

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